Trinity Christian University is proud that over the years we have maintained an international faculty of scholars. We currently hold full-time faculty as well have guest lecturers/professors who support our dynamic fields of studies. 

Full-time Faculty/Administrations 

    President: Dr. Jai-In Han, Professors of Systematic Theology 

  Vice- President: Rev. Dr. Dong-Sook Kim, Professor of Biblical Studies

   Administration: Rev. Dr. Kim Sou-Lang, Lecture on Missions

  Academic Dean: Dr. Gloria Olson, Professor of Old Testament Studies


  Dr. Sidgrud Bøe, Professor of New Testament Studies 

  • Dr. Ivar Nardapo, Professor of Missions

Dr. Soen-Bae Lee, Professor of Church History

  •  Dr. Min-Suc Shin, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
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