TCU offers a full on missionary scholarship for those who plan to move overseas shortly after graduation to serve in missions. Because of the high costs of education and the lack of biblically educated missionaries in the global world today. We recognized the need for providing the required costs of study to those who are called to serve in full-time missionary work and by doing so this is possible through our foundation that was generously given to us. 

To receive the full scholarship without any debt to pay back to the school one must complete at least 5 straight years of missionary work in a third world developing country. As majority of the unreached people in the world are currently in a third world developing country. 

Steps to applying:

1. First, complete application enrollment into the seminary.

2. Be accepted into the seminary.

3. Complete the missionary scholarship application and submitted required documentation, An essay of the desired nation and people groups will be required of at least 1000 words for the people you wish to reach out too. 

4. Maintain an average GPA of 3.2 to continue to receive the scholarship. 

5. Once graduation is completed, you have 6 months to be accepted into a mission agency and complete notification of Mission Agency acceptance form with letters from mission agency.

6. Every year, a letter certifying that you are currently still serving in missionary work must be submitted to ensure your time is spent.

7. After your required bonded time is completed, (5 Straight years) you must complete the release from bond missionary scholarship form, allowing you to be released of all debt. 


We do take into health related issues, therefore if one must return due to health, medical or family emergencies a temporary waiver will be provided. Depending on your time serving, if one must return prior to 5 years, the debt will be waived based on years spent and calculated to a reduce rate. 

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