About and History

Trinity Christian University was founded 1990’s in Seoul, Korea by former Korean Missionary Dr. Jae-Chul Lee.

Dr. Lee had the notion that missionaries and pastors lacked the theological foundation to do missions effectively and concretely to serve the long-term benefits of the churches they were planting. TCU grew slowly but desired to maintain a small presence as many of our student desired to serve in communist-controlled countries. To help balance the need for growth and the desire to advance theological education for missionaries and young pastors, TCU established distance learning program through various campuses in different countries as well as an online campus under the leadership of Dr. Paul Jonathan originally from South Africa, who served as a missionary in Korea for many years. Over the years we found that the online distance program was used more than international campus and they were also more expensive to operate especially in the USA. So in 2011, under the leadership of Dr. Sung-Hae Hu, all overseas campuses were closed and only distance learning through virtual ways were maintained. TCU still maintains its physical presence in the heart of Seoul, Korea.
TCU is proud to continue its focus on providing missional-minded pastors with our ability to send the majority of our graduates into the missions through our Missionary Scholarship fund which is supported by various Korean Churches and the Worldwide Church.
List of Previous Campuses:
Tokyo, Japan
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bangkok, Thailand
Toronto, Canada
Cape Town, South Africa

List of Presidents of TCU

• Dr. Jae-Chul Lee 1995-2005
• Dr. Paul Jonathan 2005-2010
• Dr. Sung-Hae Hu 2010-2015
• Dr. Jai-In Han 2015-Present

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the church with well-rounded theologically sound pastors and missionaries to serve the global church in its future. By doing so we are investing in the future of the church which is in global missions.

Our Founder believed that a church that doesn’t do global missions is a church that lacks the heart to really grow and change the world. Missions is the future of the church.