Trinity Christian University confers a Bachelor's Degree of Divinity, Bachelor's Degree of Ministry as well as Graduate degrees Master of Divinity Degree or a Master of Divinity with Christian Education degree upon students who have completed the prescribed sequence of courses and have met sound spiritual and professional standards. All students entering the Master of Divinity or the Master of Divinity with Christian Education program are expected to hold a bachelor degree or its equivalent. The program seeks to maintain a balance among the biblical, theological, historical, educational and practical fields. Those who graduated with a bachelor degree in Theology, Ministry or Divinity may take a shorter track for their Master of Divinity courses.

We also provided theological tracks for each student, in which their electives provides them the theological requirements for their various denomination. Those who do not choose a specific track will do the general evangelical track.

Those tracks are:
• Reformed
• Lutheran
• Methodist/Wesley
• Presbyterian
• General Evangelical

These disciplines are integrated so that pastoral, teaching and missionary ministries may be performed from biblical and theological perspectives. The program recruits full-time and part-time students as well as those who can attend through our online distance learning portal. Students must pay full tuition unless they qualify for our missionary grant which provides them free education as long as various qualifications are met. Please see our scholarship page for more information.

Prior to 2015 those who attended the online distance or campus sites had their degree issued from their place of study. If one studied online it was issued under their place of living or they can ask for an updated degree showing the degree issued by our main campus in Seoul, South Korea. However, as of 2015 the regents of TCU has decided all degrees will be issued from the main campus; as well as all transcripts and documents.

Academic Verification Policy:

Those seeking academic verification of the degree will be processed through email only. Please use the Contact for more information.